Think Sink!

As interior designers working mainly with corporate clients we are fully aware of the differences between the decor and style chosen for your home compared to your workplace. Offices and workspaces are, of course, bereft of personal belongings – objects with special meanings, family heirlooms, treasures found on your travels, photos and artwork carefully chosen often over many years. Office environments focus on practicality and function and subsequently can end up looking utilitarian and lacking in style. Whilst at CID we don’t suggest our clients start bringing in their family photos and other paraphernalia we do encourage you to work with us to design a space which will inspire your workforce and your customer base in equal measure.

Through a series of blog posts I will be focussing on how on trend design pieces can inject that sense of style. This week I will start with the ever so practical and often neglected humble sink. No one goes through their working day without coming across their workplace sink and no doubt many of our clients will also come across them too. Think then, what state is your sink area in? Do you have a bog-standard basin, slightly mildewing and dappled with limescale? If so then let me open your eyes to the wonderful world of sinks and start thinking about how you can upgrade all your sinks.

If you prefer a free standing sink how about the sleek design of the Maderno? It certainly makes an impact with wide wings rising on both sides and paired with the cool chrome taps. A perfect choice if you you want a fairly simple and affordable option.


Another great looking floor standing basin is the Finwood Designs cone basin. The black granite creates an unexpected, high end style and the wall mounted tap completes the luxurious look.


Floor standing basins work well as single units but also look stylish with 2 or more in a row. The two Laufen II Bagno Alessi dot look fantastic together with matching mirrors and symmetrically placed hand towel rails.


If you prefer a counter-top option there is also a vast array available. The Cifal Mika basin is made from the crushed mineral mica stone resulting in a gorgeous sparkle. The wall mounted tap with a delicate spout sets it off perfectly and makes a real statement for a mid – range budget.


The Roca bathrooms countertop basin with a bold, black city landscape print around the outside is another masterpiece. For an adventurous client I can imagine these basins in a monochrome scheme with a digital wallpaper portraying a similarly city landscape.


Lastly, how about this amazing granite trough for ‘wow factor’? The sleek taps and floating dark wood storage below set it off perfectly.


Hopefully this has given you some inspiration as to how updating and upgrading one key piece within your work place can make a huge impact whatever your budget.