New Year, New Eating Plan

Does your workplace support your healthy eating plan for 2014?


Happy New Year from all of us here at CID! We are looking forward to what 2014 has in store for us and we hope all our clients and suppliers have a fantastic year ahead as well.

Looking around the office today it is clear that most of us have new healthy eating resolutions for this year, the boxes of chocolates and biscuits of December have disappeared and been replaced with fruit and cereal bars. For some people coming to work is a great place to maintain a healthy eating regime but unfortunately, research suggests that most people find it a hindrance.

Research by the British Dietetic Association found that:

  • During their working life, the average British worker spends a total of over £20,000 (around £2 a day) on a snack food, excluding their lunchtime or breakfast meals.
  • One third of all workers skip breakfast.
  • 44% of employees eat lunch at their desks.

Is it in the interest of employers to promote healthy eating? Well, according to the Health Promotion Agency it has been shown that employees that eat healthily benefit from increased motivation, a better working atmosphere, improved communication and increased quality of products and services. To get the best out of your workforce, therefore, it makes sense to provide an environment where your employees are able to maintain a healthy diet.

Why not consider some changes to your workplace which could make it easier for you and your team to avoid an unhealthy lunch eaten at their desks? How about updating your staff kitchen or canteen to provide a clean, bright and modern space for staff to eat their meals? Refurbished food storage, preparation and washing up areas will also help workers to feel confident in preparing lunch at work rather than popping out to the local fast food outlets allowing for more time to relax and re-energize during breaks as well as saving money.

If the facilities in your office could do with an update then contact us today and we can help you to have a very happy and healthy 2014.


Posted by Miranda Kennedy