Neon Colours: Perfect for a Gloomy Winter

With the winter closing in on us, the days are getting darker and sunshine is a rare occurrence. A great way to add colour and vibrance to your office space without compromising on style is bursts of neon on a blander colour palette. Below are some fantastic examples I have found where this design technique has been put to good use. Hopefully you can use this to fight off the  winter blues.

London shared workspace Co-Work has used neon yellow on the duct work and MF ceilings to add interest and colour to what would have been a bit of an eye sore. The bright yellow also looks great with the teal tones in the rest of the office.

They have also used a band of neon around the glass partitioning to great effect.

The office furniture chosen is clean and colour free with white desk screens and black operator chairs this lets the neon really shine.

This is an interesting way to display artwork or spruce up a blank wall. The orange pops out against the grey creating a interesting feature wall, this would work particularly well in a reception or waiting area.

Staircases are often the most neglected areas of an office space, seen by most as a way to get from A to B, in this stunning example a feature has been made of them using bright yellow, the rest of the room has been fitted out with bleached wood flooring, white digital wallpaper on the sliding door and white walls to contrast with the vibrance of the yellow.

Posted by Andrew Donaldson