Commuter Cyclists

Following the 2012 Olympics and the success of the GB Cycling team, many people considered taking up cycling. The government forecast a substantial increase in the number of commuters arriving to work on a bike but recent surveys from the Office of National Statistics reveal that actually the uptake has been far less than they had hoped. The health benefits of cycling to work each day are well documented, in Denmark a study of 30,000 Danes concluded that those that commuted to work on a bike had a 40% lower chance of heart disease.

One of the main reasons that workers might be reluctant to try a more eco-friendly and healthier mode of transport is the lack of facilities provided by their workplace. Now the weather is warming up it is the perfect opportunity for us to take up cycling to work. If you would like to encourage your staff to cycle to work here are some ways in which  you can refurbish and refit your office to accommodate commuter cyclists.

1. Create a clean and modern shower area. Many people are put off cycling to work as they are not able to freshen up adequately once they get to work. Fitting a shower cubicle into your existing space may be easier than you think and even employees who prefer to walk some of the distance into work or have had a difficult commute on public transport will benefit from this facility.


2. Personal storage spaces are essential. There are various items that a commuter cyclist will need to store once they arrive at work – bike helmets, a towel, protective clothing etc. Think about whether you already provide space for these items to be stored safely during the day – remember well placed storage is key to creating a clean and uncluttered office space. Digital lockers are a popular choice and can be used to keep personal items secure and away from working areas during the day. Lockers are available in a full spectrum of colours, finishes and sizes to meet the requirements of your office.


3. Install a safe bike storage area. There are a variety of options if you decide to install somewhere for your employees to store their bikes. Many of these options take up very little space – if you have an area outside then a small section can be set aside for a bike rack, however, if this is not available there are also ways in which bikes can be stored inside and can actually enhance the aesthetic of your office.


Here at CID we are looking forward to the longer, warmer days and embracing the opportunity to cycle to work. Now is the time to consider whether your workplace makes cycling a viable option for your employees and what you can do adapt your space if necessary.

Posted by Miranda Kennedy