Office Furniture

We specify furniture to meet the needs of every business, from board room to breakout area.

Office furniture design is constantly evolving. There are a myriad of options available to suit your business requirements and we can work with you to decide which options will work best in your workspace. We partner with many of the UK’s leading furniture manufacturers, allowing us to select the optimum products for each and every project.



Open plan offices are becoming increasingly popular, allowing businesses to create flexible and collaborative workspaces. However there are times when privacy or confidentiality are needed. We offer a number of acoustic solutions including booths, cellular offices and sound dampening panels.

Agile working area in a Office Fit Out


Employers are increasingly concerned about the health and well-being of their workforce. Ergonomic furniture helps to ensure the health and safety, comfort and performance of your team. Various health issues can arise from sitting at a desk all day. Ergonomic chairs are available to assist in correct spinal posture when sitting or sit/stand height adjustable desks allowing users to change the height of the desk.


The “paper-less” office is something to which we all aspire but in reality businesses still need storage space. Carefully thought out storage can ensure that your office is well – organised and tidy. Our solutions include a wide range of free-standing cupboards, shelving, cabinets and built in storage wall to maximise the space available.


There are many different options available for office desks in a multitude of sizes, shapes and finishes to suit any office space and working style. For co-working offices banks of desks work well and screens can be used for privacy. For greater flexibility the sit-stand desk is a popular choice, allowing workers to spend part of their day standing to work. Cable management and monitor arms open up the options to really specify your requirements and ensure your desks work for your business.


We have a number of tried and tested suppliers so we are able to offer our clients a huge array of office seating to meet the various requirements of any business. We supply operator chairs, meeting chairs, seating for break-out areas and canteens and soft seating and reception areas.

Bespoke Solutions

If our wide range of ‘off the shelf’ products do not meet your requirements we will work with you to create a one off bespoke product, tailored to your needs.

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