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Whether your vision is for a predominantly open plan office with some strategically placed Meeting Rooms or your prefer separate cellular offices for key staff, CID have the expertise to ensure that the partitioning installed is not only aesthetically pleasing but also meets the needs of your business in terms of performance and budget.


Working with major manufacturers and distributors of partitioning systems such as Sektor, Nevill Long and SAS we are able to design a layout which provides suitable sound rating, adheres to fire regulations, takes into account the need for light and privacy and of course, looks great.


To create the optimum space for your new office layout often involves removing or altering existing partitioning and we carry out the dismantling work, including relocation of electrical services and making good to walls, ceilings and floors as necessary.


We are sometimes able to re-arrange existing partitioning which helps to keep costs (and waste) to a minimum and will always offer this option where practicable.




This is our budget range – a purely functional demountable system to divide spaces, with a degree of speech privacy but no fire rating properties. The system can be constructed using solid panels or can incorporate glass, whether part of fully glazed. A double glazed option is available and integral blinds can be incorporated. Finished is SAA (satin anodised aluminium) as standard, the components can be powder coated to give a finish tailored to suit your décor.


If you are looking for an economical system, particularly for works offices, temporary or short-term offices or a system which can easily be re-located then this might be the partition for you.

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This is our best-selling partitioning system. Using a simple metal stud frame-work clad with plasterboard this system will fulfil most, if not all, requirements in terms of sound rating and fire rating. By using studs of differing sizes, adding layers of plasterboard (including Soundbloc or Fireline boards) and incorporating insulation within the cavity, this is the most flexible system on the market. With the correct design we are able to construct partition walls up to 9.3 metres high with a fire rating of 240 minutes and sound rating of 76 RwdB.


Where aesthetics are less important but demountability is a must the walls will be fitted with SAA trims. Alternatively the boards can be taped jointed to give a completely flush appearance, fitted with skirting to your requirements (MDF, PVC, softwood, hardwood) and decorated as required.


Glass panels can be integrated (single or double glazed) and features such as curved partitions, shadow gaps and deflection head details can be created to meet with Architects’ specifications as required.



CID 75 & 100 SYSTEMS

A stud based system making it suitable for most office requirements, The 75 and 100 system has some unique style features which make it both functional and stylish. The system has a recessed skirting detail which can be used as a wire-way and does not create a dust trap. The double glazed panels are factory made (Monobloc) sealed units which save construction time and offer enhanced sound reduction compared to other stud systems, whilst still incorporating integral blinds where required. The 75 & 100 systems is available in a number of powder coated RAL colours as standard.

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This is, in our opinion, our best looking system. Constructed using a slim-line, virtually invisible frame and fitted with floor to ceiling glass with a clear dry joint, the system allows natural light to flood through and gives an open plan feel to work spaces whilst offering a degree of privacy. To meet with current regulations the glass must be fitted with twin band manifestation but many clients chose to personalise the glass, either with heavier frosting for privacy purposes or by incorporating their company logo or a design of their choice.


The glass wall system can incorporate frame-less glass doors to maintain the open feel or can be fitted with doors (timber or glass) in metal frames to improve the sound rating. Alternatively, we offer a double glazed glass wall system to further improve sound reduction which is especially important in Boardrooms or Executive offices. (technical)





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Constructed using a similar system to the stud partitioning above, but single sided, our dry lining system can be used to cover unsightly walls. Offering a quicker and cleaner alternative to plastering, dry lining or cladding has the added benefit of improving insulation and/or providing a void for services.


Providing a truly traditional look this system is less widely used than its hi-tech counterparts.  However, it has a time-less quality and can be used in conjunction with more contemporary finishes to create a really stunning work space. Constructed in a similar manner to the CID stud system the visible metal work is replaced with any timber of your choice, be it oak, ash, cherry, mahogany, beech, maple, rosewood…..the list is endless.

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Open plan offices have some benefits as they promote team work, aid communication and save space. However, noise can prove a distraction, especially in call centre type operations. CID offer a range of free-standing and desk mounted screens, either solid or part glazed, upholstered to match the décor, which can assist with absorbing sound. They are also popular in temporary offices or to screen equipment such as photo copiers.  Alternatively, most of our partitioning systems can be built at “barrier” height, affording some privacy and sound reduction without the need to alter lighting or ventilation layouts.

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The new generation of meeting or quiet areas has arrived in the form of pods or hubs. These can be created using simple screening systems or full-blown “rooms” with lighting, heating and air conditioning systems of their own. Sitting below the existing ceiling level this negates the need for altering the existing lighting and ventilation systems whilst creating a fully self-contained pod. We even offer moveable pods on runners which can be moved to different areas of the office as required.

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To ensure that our partitioning systems provide a solution for every workplace need, CID provide a range of steel partitioning, both single and double skinned, incorporating glazed, mesh and solid steel panels. The high level of impact resistance and wipe clean surface makes this range particularly suitable for warehouses, bonded stores and clean rooms.

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