Office Lighting Options

As the summer draws to a close, dark and gloomy offices might start to feel darker and gloomier in the coming months. Harsh florescent lighting or inadequate lighting designs might be creating a dull and uninspiring work space. Lighting is a powerful tool when designing interior and can be used to produce different moods and environments. There is a vast array of different lighting solutions available in different styles and for different budgets.

Recently we have been fitting LED lighting into a number of our projects. LED lighting is a fairly recent innovation – LED spotlights are quickly replacing expensive halogens and LED panels are being installed instead of harsh fluorescent panels. LED lights are long life – typically bulbs last a decade without needing replacement. They are energy efficient and they are much more reliable than older lights. By using LED your lights will not be giving off heat or UV in the high beam and subsequently they are a far more sustainable and environmentally friendly option.


Lighting panels and spotlights are highly practical and allow you to full illuminate the space with no dark spots. However, sometimes a more dramatic lighting option is required, for example in a reception space where you wish to install a ‘wow factor’ fitting. There is a huge variety of pendant lighting options which would be suitable for your office or reception areas. A recent trend when fitting pendants is to install a cluster of lights.This vintage style Edison bulbs clustered together onto the reclaimed wood board would is eye catching and eclectic – it would work well hanging above a chunky, stripped wood reception desks with wire desk accessories and masonry effect feature wall.


The copper baubles are extremely light reflective and would create a focal point in a sleek, white reception area.


If you’re considering updating your lighting think also about installing lighting in areas other than the ceiling. Lighting built into floor panels adds interest and gives an edge and style to without having to completely redecorate your workspace. Floor level lights look particularly effective in Kitchen areas and bathrooms and can be installed in a variety of colour options.


One of the options we are often asked to install in schools and offices is intelligent lighting. We are often asked to install PIRs which can be used in toilets so that the light will come on when the door is opened and switch off again after a certain period of time. This is an extremely economical and energy efficient way of lighting public areas to ensure money is not wasted paying to light empty rooms. There are other high-tech intelligent lighting options where all the lighting within the office can be adjusted from a main screen.

There is an enormous variety of lighting ideas and designs for commercial spaces available and lighting is at the forefront of interior planning. Hopefully when making choices about your interior you will consider your lighting options.