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Complete Interior Design Ltd | Environmental Policy



Complete Interior Design Ltd recognises the need to protect the environment and this principle is inherent in the Company’s Corporate Environmental Policy. Conservation of the Earth’s natural resources is becoming more and more important. We share with our customers and our employees a growing concern over the caring for our environment for future generations.


Environmental Management


Complete Interior Design Ltd understands that environmental management is essential to the continuing development of its business and is essential to the improvement of the environment in which we work and live.


We are committed to incorporating a management system with which to identify ongoing environmental issues, their impacts and consequences, to improve” best practice” and set targets for these achievements.


Prevention of Pollution


Complete Interior Design Ltd recognises its responsibilities to identify direct and indirect pollution, conform to legislation, and prevent pollution resulting from our operations.




We are committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and other legislation with environmental consequences. We will strive to adhere to and work beyond both current and anticipated environmental legislation and other requirements.


Management Personnel Commitment


This policy has the commitment of senior management who acknowledge their responsibility to provide direction and support, and be responsible for the continuing environmental management and performance of Complete Interior Design Ltd. Complete Interior Design Ltd will incorporate environmental issues into our decision making process.


Continuous Improvement


Complete Interior Design Ltd is committed to reviewing all activities, actions taken and the resulting effects, with a view to continual environmental improvement of its activities to an agreed annual programme.


We will develop objectives to target environmental improvements


Training & Awareness


Complete Interior Design Ltd is committed to improving the environmental awareness of our employees at all levels from management through to sub-contract and temporary staff, with a view to encouraging awareness, developing personal improvement and meeting the environmental targets set.


We will promote and encourage staff and subcontractors to take whatever measures possible to minimise waste and pollution.


Suppliers & External Parties


Complete Interior Design Ltd is committed to working with its suppliers of all components, materials, equipment and energies with a view to encouraging environmental awareness, reduction of environmental impacts and to obtain and work with their environmental objectives and policies.


Complete Interior Design Ltd is also committed to working with external environmental authorities, local communities and other bodies and specialists concerning all environmental improvements.




Complete Interior Design Ltd is committed to reducing the environmental impact relating to transport of manufactured goods by reducing the number of deliveries and route planning.


Design & Specification


Where relevant, Complete Interior Design Ltd will define environmentally friendly products in our designs & purchasing specifications. Specific production methods may also be requested should they be relevant to the product being purchased. In certain cases the submission of 'green' variants will be allowed, giving us the opportunity to compare 'standard' solutions with 'environmentally friendlier' options.


Complete Interior Design Ltd is committed to providing innovative, environmentally-friendly business environments and undertake to make a significant commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment within which we operate.


Complete Interior Design Ltd is further committed to making manufacturing design and specification improvements with improved environmental consequences.  Complete Interior Design Ltd design philosophy to make better use of space, contributes to a reduction in the use of materials.




Complete Interior Design Ltd is committed to reviewing metal, glass and plastic components with a view to improved environmental consequences.


We will utilise sustainable materials, and apply selection criteria for our suppliers based on environmental performance.


We will design schemes using finishes which are natural and sustainable products, pollution free and sourced locally with little additional manufacturing input.





Complete Interior Design Ltd staff and sub-contractors are encouraged to take whatever measures are possible to minimise waste and pollution. Parcel and packaging products are recycled where possible.


We have implemented a waste management strategy to minimise waste, and ensure that materials are reused or recycled where practical.  All non-recyclable waste to be disposed of in designated skips or at a waste transfer station.


Complete Interior Design Ltd is committed to segregation and recycling by others of packaging, paper, small metals and glass waste.


We are committed to compliance with all waste legislation including liquids, water etc




Complete Interior Design Ltd is committed to reducing energy consumption through good practice programmes, devices and changes


We will advise clients on the efficient use of their energy and other utilities.


 We will welcome suggestions from staff on how to conserve energy. Energy will to be conserved by turning off lights when not in use and computers monitors not left on standby. Staff will also be encouraged to use their own initiative at all times to minimise waste and conserve fuel and energy.



The Company will continually strive to achieve the above objectives.