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Complete Interior Design Limited Conditions of Sale


1.  All orders are accepted on the understanding that these Conditions of Sale apply, regardless of any conditions printed on customers’ orders.  Any variation will only be accepted when this has previously been agreed in writing between both parties.

2.  Payment terms are as stated in our quotation. Where a formal quotation has not been provided, payment will become due as follows:  30% of the total cost payable with order, 50% to be paid prior to completion of works and the remaining 20% invoiced upon completion of the installation.  All invoices are STRICTLY NETT and payment is required and shall be deemed due within 7 days in the case of progress payment invoices & 14 days of the final invoice.  Title to equipment supplied is reserved and shall only pass to the purchaser when all charges incurred by the purchaser under this contract are paid in full.  Accounts not paid within the agreed terms may be charged statutory interest from the date of the invoice.

3.  All quotations are subject to labour and materials being available. Whilst every effort will be made to complete the contract within the specified period, we shall under no circumstances accept liability for loss or damage caused by delay in the delivery of materials or in completion of the contract, or by any of the other matters herein referred to.

4.  Unless otherwise stated this quotation does not include for:

 a)  The clearing or preparation of the site.

 b)  Unloading, carting and safe custody of materials or fittings.

 c)  An electrical supply for lighting and operatives hand tools.

 d)  Where an installation cannot be completed in one visit, we take no responsibility for loss or damage that may occur to completed work during absence of our personnel from the site.

 e)  The cleaning of glass or full clean upon completion.

 f)  Provision of welfare facilities for our personnel. Client’s facilities will be used.

5.  Unless otherwise stated this quotation does not include for:

Adequate and safe storage accommodation for goods and tools are required and insurance thereof.  It shall be the client’s responsibility to ensure that the walls, floors or building structure are adequate to withstand load imposed by our equipment and that any installation does not contravene local authority or building regulations.  It is for the client to take all necessary steps to ensure that the works specified in a quotation are specifically approved by the local authority and the insurers of the premises to which the building works relate PRIOR to instructing our staff to commence the work specified in the quotation.  There is no express or implied representation in the quotation that the works specified therein will be approved by the local authority, landlord or the insurers of the premises.  Prices are subject to revision in the event of specification variations brought about by the requirement of the local authority or insurers of the building premises.  In the circumstances, the client is not permitted to rely upon a lack of consent on the part of the local authority and the insurers as a ground for refusing to make payment to us of the outstanding balance of the contract price in respect of work which has been completed in accordance with the quotation supplied upon the instructions of the client.  (Fees due to the local authority if applicable will be invoiced on our final account.)

6.  It is the client’s responsibility to provide us with an asbestos report for the building. Any delays caused by the discovery of asbestos once work has commenced will be chargeable.

7.  We reserve the right to collect all components and materials surplus to installation requirements.

8.  Unless otherwise agreed:

 a)  Prices are based on an 8 hour working day Monday to Friday. Any work carried out at other times at client’s request will be subject to additional charge.

 b)  Any delay caused by other trades employed or delays due to any cause whatsoever on site, will be charged at our discretion.

 c)  Operatives must be ensured of a clean area for storage and cutting of materials within the installation area and sufficient space for setting out and working.

 d)  Adequate lighting to be supplied by client  to ensure a 8 hour working day as well as power, toilet facilities and clean water.

8.  We reserve the right to correct any clerical errors.

9.  Specifications submitted by us will be carried out as near as possible to description, but we reserve the right to effect minor modifications and improvements at our discretion.

10.  Any order cancelled for reasons beyond our control will be subject to a cancellation charge equivalent to costs incurred, inclusive of any items or special purchases which cannot in turn be cancelled by us from our suppliers.

11.  Although every care will be taken, we cannot be held responsible for variations in colour, shade or pattern on vinyls, doors and veneers.  Any designs and colour schemes submitted are the property of Complete Interior Design Ltd and can only be used with our agreement.  Should they be used by other contractors, without prior agreement a charge of 5% of the overall project will be charged.

12.  The figures for performance are based upon our experience and are as we expect to obtain on test. Any departure from such figures shall not invalidate the contract or entitle compensation or damages.

13.  No guarantee is given that the works comply with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

14.  All installations are subject to re-measurement upon completion and prices adjusted to accord with same if applicable.  In the event of variation to quantities, details, finishes or type of materials, omissions will be credited or extras will be charged accordingly.

15.  No allowance has been made for ‘Contractors Discount’ unless specifically stated. Under no circumstances will we accept retentions or liquidated damages unless specifically agreed in writing prior to commencement.

16.  Your notice is drawn to the need, in compliance with the Safety at Work Act, to consult with us and obtain our agreement in writing before making any alteration to the equipment supplied by us and installed in accordance with our design specification.  Likewise any damage to the equipment in use should be reported directly and not used until remedial action authorised by us in writing has been taken.

17.  Any unresolved disputes arising from the contract shall at our discretion be referred to Adjudication.  The independent Adjudicator to be appointed by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. We also reserve the right to refer disputes to Mediation, Arbitration or due legal process in the English courts.




Directors: B.K. Wright, M.L. Kennedy, M.C. Wright


Registered office: 5 Magellan Terrace, Gatwick Road, Crawley RH10 9PJ