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Welcome to our new Designer

Friday, February 05, 2016


We are excited to welcome our new designer, David Vennard, to the CID team. David will  mainly be focussing on CAD, renders and artistic impressions of our projects and will be working with Andrew on sourcing new products and creating schemes. Here is a little bit about David’s previous experience in the design world and what his job entails:


What did you do before working for CID?


Before working for CID I trained as an Architectural interior designer and for the last 5 years I have been running my own homewares, gifts and interiors company in Dorking. I really enjoyed sourcing design-led products but found that the job was predominately retail based so I was excited when an opportunity to use my training came up at CID.


What appealed to you about coming to work at CID?


I was looking to expand my interior design knowledge and diversify into a new field of work more closely linked to my training. The projects that CID have done also caught my eye as there is such a range of jobs I knew that every day would be different. Belinda and the company directors also ensure that the company is a really great place to work – it is a real close knit office and I have been giving lots of support settling in.



So far which aspect of your work has been most interesting?


Having only been with the company a few months, I would have to say the learning aspect has been top of my list, getting a handle on the technical specification and commercial detail of a job has been the most interesting challenge. I am also beginning to see projects that I helped to design come to completion and seeing the finished product is really rewarding.


Describe a typical day at work.


The office opens for business at 9am so it all go from the minute I sit down. I fire up the computer and with a coffee in hand I get to the jobs which I need to deal with. I usually have a few projects on the go so it’s a case of working through the lists and getting the drawings and work done efficiently. Andrew and I have regular meetings to go through any new catalogues of products and work through our ideas. As Andrew is the Senior Designer he has been helping to train me on the software we use – his help has been invaluable.



What do you think are the trends and styles to look out for in office design for 2016?


2016 is shaping up to be a colourful year. Colour has been showing up a lot more in the briefs and designs we have been working on. Metal in different colours and finishes is also a key trend. Designers seem to be moving away from chrome and into copper and brass. We can’t wait to see some of our designs planned for 2016 to come together!


If you could buy one new item to update to your workspace what would you choose?


In an ideal world I would love to see the new iPad pro sitting in front of me. I do a lot of artistic renditions for projects to show the client the visions we have in our minds. Some people find it hard to envisage what we have planned for their space. The new iPad comes with an innovative pencil which would be amazing for rendering and working on jobs.


Describe your dream client.


I would say someone with no budget constraints and open to suggestion! Most of the time we are given a degree of free reign with what we offer a client but from time to time there is a piece of furniture or finish we fall in love with which is usually top end of the budget and would tie a design together perfectly.



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