Building work at Highbury Pool

This week some of our team have been working alongside our main contractors Diamond Build. They have been working on a building project in Highbury. The work is for Highbury Pool and gym which is part of the Better group of health and leisure centres. The client is keen to complete the work as quickly as possible.  It is important that their members can start making use of the new facilities so we are pushing to finish on time. We are assisting with the rebuild around the pool area as well as refurbishing the changing rooms and Reception area.

The Structural Works

At this stage the project is mainly structural and as the images reveal the centre isn’t quite ready for anyone to come for a swim! The main focus has been rebuilding the walls and roof around the pool. Our team is building the inner skin wall whilst the outer wall is still being constructed. Obviously rigorous damp proofing is essential on this build where there will be a high volume of water and moisture from the pool and showers. To counteract the moisture we are fitting Visqueen damp proof membrane along all the walls to ensure maximum protection.

Removing and rebuilding the roof at Highbury Pool.

We have also been stripping back the roof to gain access to the works inside the build which we will then restore once work is completed – we are very grateful that the good weather has arrived this week so that we can get on without rain delays. Our images show we have had a few rainy days on site which can prove problematic when you have lost the building’s roof.

Building the skin walls with Visqueen membrane

Refurbishing the interior

Once the building work is finished the next step is to turn our attention to refurbishing the changing rooms and working on the Reception area. Creating modern functional spaces that the members will enjoy using is key to our client’s brief and we hope to fulfil this over the coming weeks.  The project is coming along well and some updated images will be published on the blog very soon.